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What this plugin does to improve your sound.

Flooic Pro Mastering is an all-in-one mastering plugin for FL Studio that combines all the tools you need to master your song. Let us introduce you to some of it’s new features:

Bass Enhancer

Control the bass & low end of your master to achive a powerful and punchy sound.

Mono Bass

Improve your bass frequencies by cutting out unnecessary sub-stereo signals.


This is a boost or cut for the mid and side frequencies in the stereo field to make your production sound fuller and wider.


Improve the presence of your production so your mastering sounds clearer.


Give your mix that "modern polish" to make your songs sound crystal clear, and add that extra high-end excitement that every producer uses.

Mid/side control

A powerful tool to control the width of your mix by giving more emphasis to the mid or side frequencies.

NY Multiband

Make your mix louder and more full sounding by using the "NY Mutliband" Maximizer.


Change the tonal colour of your mix.


Mix a heavily compressed signal, in parallel with your mix, for more fullness and clarity.

Balance (Smooth)

The balance function automatically adjusts the ratio between basses, mids and trebles dynamically.


Dynamically reduces noise frequencies for a more transparent and uncluttered sound.


Saturates your mix and provides a richer sound. Ideal for modern trap and pop productions. Adjust the "Tone" knob to change the saturation colour.

Limiter & Clipper

Find the sweetspot between a soft limited (perfect for modern pop and house productions) or clipped sound (ideal for trap and hip hop beats).


Temporarily disables the plugin to allow a before/after comparison if needed.


Boost the input signal

30Hz cut

Sets an EQ low cut filter at 30Hz to filter out unnecessary ultra low sub frequencies.

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Flooic Pro Mastering plugin

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All our plugins are created and optimized for FL Studio. To get the most out of our plugins, you need the latest version of FL Studio in the Producer Edition (or higher) to use all features.

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