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What does this Plugin do to your sound?

Flooic Pro Vocals is an all-in-one vocal mixing plugin for FL Studio that combines all the tools you need to mix your vocals. Let us introduce you to some of it’s new features:

Clean Compression

Compresses your vocals, making them sound fuller and more balanced by turning down louder sequences automatically.

Air Excite

If you're looking for that crisp modern vocal sound, just turn this knob to make your vocal sound brighter.

Full Warmth

Saturates the midrange of your vocal, so that it cuts better through the mix.

Vocal Reverb

Adds natural reverb to your vocals, dynamically added only when there is enough space in the mix.

Vocal Delay

Adds natural echo effect to your vocals, dynamically added only when there is enough space in the mix.

Multiband Exciter

A mix of multiband compression and saturation provides a clear vocal sound.

Big Lows

Control the bass frequencies of your vocals and add depth.

Body Mids

Control the midrange of your vocals. Use this knob to determine how much your vocal will cut through the mix.

Add Air

Add crystal clear highs to your vocals and give your vocals a clean and professional sound.

Low Cut

This knob ensures that interfering sub frequencies are filtered out of your voice for a clearer mix.

Clean Mids

Reduces potential noise frequencies from your vocal, for a cleaner sound.


Reduces sibilants in vocals for a ultra smooth and professional vocal sound.


This knob allows you to make your voice sound fuller and more polyphonic.

Wide Doubles

Adds wide and broad doubles to your vocals.


This low pass filter effect is often used with adlibs to place them more in the background.


Deactivates the plugin temporarily to allow a before/after comparison if needed.


Boost or reduce your input signal.


Increase or decrease your output signal.

Why you will instantly fall in love with it.

Our plugins are extremly user friendly and perfectly optimized for FL Studio.

Hear why Flooic Pro Vocals is so impressive.

We mixed couple of vocal tracks with our brand new vocal mixing plugin. It will integrate your vocal perfectly into your beat.

Raw vocals (without plugin)

Mixed vocals (with Pro Vocals plugin)


All our plugins are created and optimized for FL Studio. To get the most out of our plugins, you need the latest version of FL Studio in the Producer Edition (or higher) to use all features.

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